My Boyfriend’s ED Is Ruining Our Relationship: What Do I Do?

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Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that many men face. It can be difficult to deal with, and it can often lead to problems in relationships. If your boyfriend is dealing with this issue, you may feel like you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, we are here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of ED and further offer some tips on how to deal with the problem. We hope that this information will help you restore your relationship and also make things better for both of you!

Causes of ED

ed causes

There is no set number of reasons that cause erectile dysfunction or a loss of libido. It can be one or a combination of the given reasons

  • Psychological factors such as:

Disorders like depression or anxiety

Higher stress levels

Poor sleep cycle

History or assault/sexual trauma

Conflicts or fights within the relationship

Self-esteem issues

Not feeling comfortable with the partner

  • Medical problems like



Blood pressure



Inadequate blood flow in the penis

Certain medications with specific side effects on libido

  • Physical barriers such as

Lack of foreplay

Not having enough privacy

Consuming too much alcohol/tobacco

Surrounding distractions

Bodily restrictions

Unwillingness to involve in sexual activity

Body image issues


Since ED is a physical problem, it gets easier to track and monitor the symptoms and figure out what can be done early in advance. These symptoms can also include:

  • inability to get an erection
  • difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • sexual dysfunction
  • troubles in having orgasms
  • increased anxiety around the idea of sex
  • humiliation/embarrassment
  • vulnerability to substance addiction as a coping mechanism

Consequences Of ED On Libido

ed consequences

Loss of sexual desire and other sex-related can prove to be problematic for the individual’s ow health as well as the quality of the relationship.

Having an erectile dysfunction further leads to the loss of sexual desire. Since men feel ashamed, embarrassed, or disappointed because of this problem, they might altogether start avoiding sexual contact or lose the desire to have sex. This leads their partners confused, hurt, as well as unsatisfied. A man’s own inability to satisfy his partner can further evoke feelings of guilt. The partner may feel like they are the cause of the problem due to which there is a significant dip in their sex life. This can also lead to arguments, fights, disagreements, and even the ending of relationships.

For an individual, it can also have a huge influence on their self-esteem. Being called “weird” or “abnormal” for facing this issue can also deepen the sense of shame. The stigma around not seeking the right treatment can further lead to the worsening of the issue.


ed solutions

In case you or your partner face such an issue in your sex life, ensure that you seek the right help at the right time. The practitioners dealing with these issues have the right training to be inclusive, empathetic, and also non-judgmental with their treatment approach.

A doctor may prescribe you

Depending on the root cause of your respective issue, different treatments may have different efficacy as well as results.

In addition to doctor’s certified treatment, there are some tips you can practice some tips and hacks by yourself for improving these conditions. These include:

  • improving quality of sleep
  • limiting the intake of alcohol/tobacco/cannabis
  • reducing stress levels
  • ensuring adequate hydration and a balanced diet
  • healthy weight loss
  • physical activity for health regulation
  • taking multivitamins and other additional nutritional supplements (with doctor’s advice)

Lastly, it is extremely important to have honest and open conversations with your partner. Together, you can come up with ways and strategies to deal with it and ensure both parties stay satisfied and support each other through this issue.


Even in today’s day and age, sexual dysfunction is regarded as a matter of excessive shame and guilt. Despite the severity and negative side effects it can have on one’s mental/physical health and their relationship, people still hesitate to reach for help. It is a normal obstacle in life that can be dealt with with the right guidance as well as timely professional health.

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