When Someone Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Feelings?

When Someone Doesn't Acknowledge Your Feelings?

We’ve all been there. You tell someone how you feel, and they either act like they didn’t hear you or change the subject. It’s incredibly frustrating – and it can really hurt your feelings. If you’ve been feeling that someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why people ignore others’ feelings, and we’ll also offer some tips on how to deal with it when it happens to you.

What Does “Someone Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Feelings” Mean?

What Does "Someone Doesn't Acknowledge Your Feelings" Mean?Feelings are one of the most important parts of being a human. If you want to be happy, then it’s vital that your feelings are understood and supported by the people around you. As such, feeling ignored is one of the worst things you can experience in life. It means that someone doesn’t care about how much pain they’re causing or what effect their actions might have on others – which makes them very selfish indeed.

If someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings, they don’t give any thought whatsoever into consideration for how their actions impact those who love them most dearly; if nothing else at all bothers with doing so will only hurt both parties involved even further down this painful road one call “life.” That’s why ignoring another person when they’re feeling upset can often lead to more problems than solutions.

Signs When Someone Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Feelings

Signs When Someone Doesn't Acknowledge Your Feelings

There are many signs when someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings. Some of these are;

Cutting Down Emotionally

Sometimes, people who don’t acknowledge your feelings will cut you down, or talk down to you.

They might say things like: “You’re just emotional,” “Don’t be so sensitive,” or “Stop overreacting.”

Such comments invalidate you and your experiences, making you feel unheard and unimportant. It can also sometimes mean that they don’t care about your feelings, or that you are ultimately not worthy of them.

Ignoring You Frequently and Repeatedly

Ignoring You Frequently and RepeatedlyNot acknowledging someone’s feelings can also mean ignoring them when they try to talk to you. Perhaps they try and reach out via social media or text message, but never get a response back. Or perhaps in person, the person is looking at their phone rather than listening to what you have to say—or even worse, ignoring you on purpose because of something that happened between the two of you previously. It could also include being ignored by everyone around them (family members included), making it hard for him/her/them to feel like anyone is really understanding his/her pain or plight.

Discounting Your Feelings

Another sign of not acknowledging your feelings is discounting how you feel. Perhaps a friend or family member might say to you, “Stop being melodramatic,” or “I know what you’re going through isn’t easy but it’s not that bad.” These phrases lessen the gravity of your pain and make it seem like your feelings don’t matter. If someone says these things to you on purpose because they want to control/power over an argument or situation with another person. It may then be that this person is trying to gaslight you.

Withholding Communication

Withholding CommunicationWhen someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings, they may also stop talking to you altogether. This can be very isolating and frustrating.


You may start to feel like you’re not good enough or that your feelings don’t matter. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to get the other person to talk to you again, and that can be incredibly discouraging.

Neglecting Your Needs

People who don’t acknowledge your feelings may also start to neglect your needs in other areas of the relationship.

They might stop doing things that they used to do for you, or they might start ignoring important requests that you make. It can also be physical neglect, such as not being there for you when you’re sick or not helping out with household chores.

If this is happening in your relationship, it may be a sign that the person does not care about your feelings and does not want to have a meaningful connection with you.

Reasons Why When Someone Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Feelings

Reasons Why When Someone Doesn't Acknowledge Your Feelings

There can be many reasons why someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings. Some of these are:

Inability To Understand

Sometimes there is a lack of understanding of your feelings. It is often difficult for another person to understand the way you feel about something, especially if they have not experienced what it feels like to be in your situation.

Sometimes it can also be hard to understand why you feel a certain way even if they have experienced similar situations before. For example, it can be difficult for someone who has gone through an abusive relationship themselves to understand how you could still love your ex after everything they did to hurt and abuse you.

Inability To Accept

Sometimes the other person is unable or unwilling to accept that your feelings are real because of their own personal beliefs about emotions. They may believe that people should not feel ‘negative’ things like sadness or anger because these emotions make them uncomfortable or remind them too much of painful experiences in their past; therefore, when someone else expresses these same feelings it makes them feel uneasy as well so they try not to acknowledge those feelings at all costs. If this is the case, it may be helpful to try and explain your feelings in a way that they can understand using examples from their own life.

Fear Of Conflict

Another possible reason why someone might not want to acknowledge your feelings is that they are afraid of conflict. If the person you are talking to does not like confrontation, then they may avoid discussing anything that could potentially lead to an argument. This can often result in them pretending as if their feelings don’t exist or trying to change the topic whenever emotions come up.

Lack Of Time Or Intentionality

It’s also possible that the other person simply doesn’t have enough time or isn’t intentional about listening to how you feel. Maybe they’re busy with their own lives and don’t want to take the time to listen or maybe they think that listening is unnecessary because they’re not sure how they can help anyways. In either case, it’s important to remember that their lack of effort doesn’t mean that your feelings aren’t real or that they’re not worth acknowledging. It can also be helpful if you show empathy before making requests so that they know why it’s important for them to listen.

Negative Impacts When Someone Acknowledge Your Feelings

Negative Impacts When Someone Acknowledge Your Feelings

Sometimes, when you put your feelings out there and somebody doesn’t acknowledge them, it feels like your emotions don’t matter. This can lead to all sorts of negative impacts. Some of these are:

Causes Emotional Turmoil

Sometimes there can be emotional turmoil when someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings. It can lead to sadness, anger, depression, and other negative emotions. You may be angry at the person who didn’t acknowledge you or feel sad that they don’t care enough about you to validate what you’re going through.

Makes You Question Yourself

If somebody ignores how you feel on a regular basis, it can make you start questioning yourself and thinking there’s something wrong with your feelings. This is particularly true if more than one person does this to you repeatedly over time; for example, in the workplace or with family members or friends. If nobody seems to be taking your feelings seriously or responding positively toward them then it’s natural that this will cause insecurity and self-doubt.

Makes You Feel Alone and Isolates You

When you try to connect with people by letting them know what’s going on inside of your head, it can be incredibly hurtful when they don’t take the time to understand or validate this. It makes you feel alone in the world and like nobody cares about how you’re feeling within yourself. It can also lead to greater isolation from other people because if expressing your feelings doesn’t have a positive outcome then it may deter you from trying again in future situations where someone has disappointed or hurt you because of their own actions or behavior toward others around them including those who are closest to them such as family members and friends, which will ultimately make matters worse for everyone involved over time.

What You Can Do When Someone Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Feelings?

What You Can Do When Someone Doesn't Acknowledge Your Feelings?

There are many ways through which one can cope when somebody doesn’t acknowledge your feelings. Some of these are:

Talk To Professional

If you find that the pain of not being acknowledged is too much for you to handle on your own, then it may be helpful to talk to a professional about it. This could be a therapist, counselor, or psychologist depending on what’s available in your area and what you feel most comfortable with. They will help you process these emotions and give you some tools for how to deal with them in future situations.

Write Them Down

Another option is writing down your feelings in a journal or diary. This can allow you to get them out of your system without having to share them with anyone else. It can also be cathartic and help relieve some of those feelings that are causing you pain when nobody acknowledges them. If you’re looking for more ways to express yourself creatively, then writing might be an option worth exploring!

Talk With Friend or Family Member

Talk With Friend or Family MemberIf there’s someone you trust who will listen without judging and let their own thoughts get in the way of acknowledging your feelings, try talking with them about what’s going on inside of your head. It can also be helpful if they know how it feels when other people don’t validate their emotions either so they’ll understand where yours are coming from as well as have empathy for what you’re going through right now which could make all this pain easier because at least one person does care enough about me enough to take my feelings into account even if they can’t change the situation.

Acknowledge Them To Yourself

When someone doesn’t acknowledge your feelings, the best thing you can do is acknowledge how you feel and manage those feelings yourself. It may take some time or think but being able to recognize what it feels like when others don’t validate your emotions will help make situations easier in the future because now at least one person knows exactly where they stand with themselves.

Acceptance And Moving Forward

It can also be helpful if you accept that not everyone is going to acknowledge your feelings and that this isn’t always a reflection on you. People are busy, stressed, and sometimes just don’t have the time or patience to deal with someone else’s emotional baggage. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you, it just might mean that they need some time to process things in their own way which may be different from how you do. In the end, moving forward involves trying to find ways to cope with this pain so it doesn’t consume you and continuing to put yourself out there even though there’s a chance of being hurt again in the future.

Give Time

Give TimeSometimes it is not possible for everyone to acknowledge your feelings immediately. The best thing you can do in such situations gives them time, and if they still don’t acknowledge your emotions after a while then maybe try another approach like asking why they didn’t or what their reasons are behind doing so. This will help open up an honest dialogue where both sides can express themselves freely without fear of being judged by anyone else present on either side.

Don’t Take It Personally

If someone doesn’t take the time to listen or even validate our own emotional experiences, it’s important that we remember this isn’t something personal against us as individuals – rather this person just may not have any interest in acknowledging other people’s problems right now because they’re dealing with their own. It can be difficult to remember this, but it’s an important step in not letting the pain caused by someone else’s actions consume us and our day-to-day lives.

Make Change

If you find that the pain of feeling ignored is too much for you to handle and it’s negatively impacting other areas of your life, then it might be time to make a change. This could involve distancing yourself from the person or people who are making you feel this way, finding a new support system, or even seeking professional help if the problem feels too big to deal with on your own. No matter what route you decide to take, remember that it’s okay to ask for help when we’re struggling and there’s no shame in admitting that something isn’t right in our lives.


Acknowledging someone’s feelings is a simple way of showing you care about them, and it can make all the difference. The next time your partner comes to you feeling hurt, upset, or angry, take a moment to validate their feelings even if you don’t agree with the cause. Remember that this isn’t an invitation for conflict resolution but rather a chance for them to feel heard and get some relief from painful emotions. This kind gesture on your part will go a long way toward strengthening your relationship as well as making your partner feel understood and supported during difficult times.

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