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What is an Employee Assistance Program?

Employee assistance programs, also referred to as worksite assistance programs or employee well-being programs refer to a collection of initiatives within an organization to promote healthy lifestyles among employees.

A recent survey reveals that over 70% of employees in globally suffer from work stress or a chronic health condition. This costs 35% productivity loss to companies. Employee assistance programs keep your employees healthy and productive, helping you reduce this productivity loss. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What we offer

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Higher Engagement Rates & ROI

MantraCare sees 5-7x higher rates of signup rates compared to other EAPs. We build customized communication strategies for higher awareness.

High Satisfaction

95% of the users on MantraCare are satisfied with the program.  Our proactive coaches and counselors ensure that users are engaged and satisfied. 

In-depth Reporting

We deliver quarterly in-depth reports on observations, learnings and recommendations for overall organization change & improvement.

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Multimodal Support

Connect over chat, audio, video or in-person sessions, wherever or whenever you want

Self-Help Tools

Access to 2000+ articles, videos and self-assessments on our mobile app.


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Customized Programs

10+ customized programs on on women health, Physical therapy, smoking cessation and more

Take a free mental health test today! Know how you feel.

Our Program Benefits

Most of our clients achieved a positive ROI on their employee health investment. We helped them make healthier and happier workplaces, leading to improved employee productivity, improved employee morale, lower absenteeism & higher retention. 

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Both Small & Large Businesses Like Us

MantraCare is comprehensive and affordable, and fits the bill for both large and small businesses. We offer risk-free cancel anytime pricing and zero setup costs. Our solutions are scalable and grow with our organization. With our 10+ employee assistance programs, MantraCare is the only corporate assistance benefit program you will ever need.

100% online with Holistic & Intuitive App


LIVE, personal, one on one video calls with wellness coaches when you want.


Covers all areas of your wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, financial and more


No cap — employees can engage an unlimited number of coaches, sessions and time to address their needs


Customized 1-on-1 guidance for YOU from vetted professionals

Curated Wellness Content

Enjoy podcasts, articles, and videos from our coaches and team.


Privacy is ensured, and providers do not have access to your phone number or payment info

TherapyMantra App

Recommended by HR's across the world


“Individuals from divisions across the organization have expressed how much the substance on MantraCare has assisted them with handling recent developments, work on their rest, and even assist with keeping their children on target! On the regulatory side, our MantraCare reps are astonishing at noting our interminable bog of inquiries and ensuring that the application is set up to prevail for our groups. MantraCare has been a necessary piece of our pandemic reaction, and will keep on being a stunning advantage for our colleagues pushing ahead!”

Kevin, Vice President HR
Global IT Services Company

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