What You Want in a Relationship: A Comprehensive Guide

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Relationships are a huge part of our lives. They can be so wonderful, and they can also be incredibly frustrating. Figuring out what you want in a relationship can be difficult, but it’s worth it! In this blog post, we will discuss the different things that you should consider when looking for a partner. We’ll talk about everything from personality traits to deal-breakers. So, if you’re ready to find the perfect relationship for you, keep reading!

What Does A Healthy Relationship Mean?

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A healthy relationship is built on trust, respect, and communication. These three things are essential for any relationship to function properly. Trust allows you to feel safe in the relationship, while respect ensures that both partners feel valued. Communication is key to resolving conflicts and keeping the lines of communication open.

If you’re looking for a healthy relationship, it’s important to find someone who shares your values. It’s also essential to be with someone who makes you feel good about yourself! A partner should make you feel supported, loved, and appreciated. Remember that relationships take work, so don’t expect perfection. Instead, focus on finding someone who you can build a strong foundation with.

Hallmarks Of A Successful Relationship

There are a few key things that all successful relationships have in common. First and foremost, both partners must be committed to the relationship. This also means that they’re willing to work through the tough times and strive to make things better. Trust, communication, and respect are also essential for any relationship to thrive. Some commonly observed desirable traits and behaviors in a relationship are:

  • Compatibility in terms of emotions, morals, values, and long/short term goals
  • Being verbally expressive of emotions
  • Providing reassurance and trust
  • Sexual expectations being matched
  • Attempting to keep things fresh through surprises, dates, and gifts
  • Emotional validation to make your partner feel valued
  • Willingness to make reasonable adjustments
  • Healthy co-dependence with strong boundaries
  • Being understanding, empathetic, and emotionally unavailable
  • Openness to discussing difficult emotions like jealousy, insecurity, etc.
  • A sense of individuality and giving personal space even in a committed relationship

For Long Distance Relationships

  • Ensure enough communication throughout the day
  • Having virtual dates to keep things exciting
  • Transparency about daily schedules
  • Words of affirmation and reassurance
  • Small yet significant surprises

Steps To Identify Your Needs In A Relationship

The process of finding a stable, well-suited relationship is a time-consuming yet emotionally fulfilling process. It requires a lot of self-awareness, patience as well as actualization. Here are some stages of this process.

Getting To Know Yourself

What Does A Healthy Relationship Mean?

Every individual has different criteria for what an ideal relationship looks like. Based on people’s interests, past, intimacy style, love language(s), and medium of expression, people have different expectations from different relationships.

Before indulging with someone else for something new, it is essential to be familiar with your feelings. These feelings can include self-reflective accounts, being considerate of any past happenings, having your expectations fulfilled, and making space for your self-respect.

A few questions you could ask yourself are:

  • What kind of relationship do I want?
  • Which qualities make for a perfect partner?
  • What can I offer to my partner?
  • Do I want a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship?
  • What qualities am I looking for in a partner?
  • What are some dealbreakers that I have?

After answering these questions, you should have a clearer sense of what it is that you’re looking for. This will be incredibly helpful when you start talking to potential partners! Keep in mind that your criteria may change over time, and that’s okay. Relationships are always evolving, so it’s important to be flexible.

Talking To Your Partner(s)

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start talking to potential partners! When you’re first getting to know someone, it’s important to ask lots of questions. This will further help you get a sense of who they are and whether or not they would be a good fit for you.

Some things you can ask your potential partner(s) are:

  • What is the nature of the relationship you want to pursue?
  • How many people have you previously been involved with?
  • Are you looking for something long-term?
  • What are your romantic/sexual expectations?
  • How do you ensure the smooth functioning of a relationship?
  • What are your attachment styles and love languages?
  • What are your deal breakers?

Asking these kinds of questions will help give you a better idea of the person you are going to be with. It can help you analyze overall compatibility with them before making any commitments.

Tips To Manage Relationships

managing relationships

Once you know what you’re looking for in a relationship, it’s time to start talking to a potential partner. This can be a nerve-wracking experience but is essential to have an honest, transparent, and fulfilling relationship. Here are some things you can do:

  • It is important to communicate your needs and expectations. Remember to be honest, open, and respectful when you’re having these conversations.
  • It’s also a good idea to ask your partner(s) about their thoughts on relationships. Don’t assume their feelings. Make them feel indulged and cared for.
  • Have realistic expectations. It takes time to build up a common understanding through gradual communication. Moreover, don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader.
  • Inculcate a space for forgiving and forgetting genuine mistakes. But be mindful of the red flags and repeated wrong behaviors.
  • Couples therapy is a great initiative you can take to take care of your and your partner’s emotional and mental well-being. It is not necessary to wait for fights and disagreements to seek therapeutic intervention.


When it comes to finding a partner, it’s important to know what you want. By taking the time to figure out what qualities are most important to you, you’ll be much more likely to find a compatible partner. No matter what you’re looking for in a relationship, it’s important to figure out what you want before you start your search. That way, you can be sure that you’re looking for the right thing. Keep all of these things in mind when starting your search, and good luck!

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